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Evelyn Anderson Eye Candy

The relentless media machine that is Hollywood is responsible for presenting a long list of fine looking women to admiring men all over the world. Hollywood actresses, more often than not, have to have at least a little sex appeal if they want to make it big, and some have bag loads of the stuff. Sexy long legs, long beautiful hair, gorgeous faces, and hour glass bodies are just some of the attractive attributes that Hollywood actresses are blessed with. That said, keep reading to feast your eyes on four of the finest actresses to come out of Hollywood over recent years. Don’t get me wrong, this list is by no mean comprehensive, but merely a small homage to one thing that Hollywood is really good for… giving sexy young woman a platform to show off their assets to men across the world.
Diane Kruger is one of these girls, and while she may not be the most well-known, she certainly deserves some recognition. German born and 33 years old in the picture below, which was taken at the Venice Film Festival a few years ago, she looks absolutely stunning. Showing off plenty of lower leg, which are almost flawless in my opinion, she retains an aura of sophistication in her flowing dress and black high heels. One hand on her hip empathises her trim waist, and trying to find any fault with how she looks here really is a struggle!
Next up is Rose Huntington-Whitely, and English girl who burst onto the scene after being cast into the latest Transformers movie. At just 24 years old, her elegant red dress makes her seem much more mature. The way her dress and reveals just one of her sexy long legs in this photo will make any man look up and take notice. What is great here is that she emphasises her greatest assets, making her even more gorgeous to look at. She has a stunning figure, and her youthful face means that she will undoubtedly have many more years of success in Hollywood.
Now we have an actress who many of you will have probably already heard of. Scarlett Johansson, and born and bred New Yorker, has starred in many movies, with an acting career that spans back almost twenty years, but she still looks as good as ever. Here she compliments her less than revealing purple dress with a pair of sparkling silver high heels, and aren’t they a good match. Her understated appearance here only makes her seem even sexier here.
Last, but by no means least, we have Megan Fox, an actress that has is undoubtedly admired by boys and men the world over. Her long dark hair and blue eyes are a lethal combination, so much so that it must be impossible not to give her a second look if you were ever lucky enough to pass her in the street. Born in Tenenesse, she had her acting debut when she was sixteen, and has gone from strength to strength since then. In the picture below you can appreciate her natural beauty and trim figure. Showing just a little bit of leg, she leaves plenty to the imagination, which is rarely a bad thing.

Remember, Hollywood isn’t Real Life for Most of Us! 
Always being thrust into the limelight means that Hollywood actresses attract a lot of attention, and don’t they just deserve it! But remember that your ladies at home shouldn’t feel like they have to match the high bar that these girls have been lucky enough to reach. Your wives and girlfriends deserve to be adored just as much as models and actresses, so if you are concentrating on the perfect image of a woman to get your sex drive going, cut it out. Always remember to tell them how gorgeous they are, even if you have to pop a levitra pill to boost your performance. There is no harm in appreciating great legs and trim bodies, but just remember what you have and appreciate it, because all women need to be loved. Not everyone is blessed with Hollywood good looks, so be content with your girl if you have one, and enjoy yourselves!