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I found Caitlin!

And that, of course, means absolutely nothing to anybody reading this but Caitlin and I had a little thing going, in the late 90s. I was divorced by then, doing some studies and Caitlin was in my class. We got on well, played around for a bit but she moved to Paris to continue her studies and I stayed here in good old Northampton.
Anyway, I managed to get one nudey-style pic of her and I love it and always wanted to post it up, but I've only just managed to get back in touch with her (for something else altogether, but I thought I could ask whilst I was about it). She agreed, thankfully, so here is the lovely Caitlin, in a friends bathroom in Nottingham, in 1998.

Thanks again, Caitlin and I look forward to meeting up with you and the family at Nick's Reunion bbq next summer!