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Self Shooting Ladies

A self-explanatory post, I feel, so you don't need much waffle from me - just enjoy these lovely ladies and their pictures "wot they took for themselves".

This is Kerry, who writes "Hope you like my picture - I love my boobs but think I've got a bit of a pooch belly. What do you reckon?" Kerry, you're spot on about the tits and your belly looks fabulous to me. Eminently cum-on-able!
Sue writes "I know you love feet, Pete and I know you love ass, so how about you come over here and suck my toes and tongue my ass and then stick your big cock in my juicy pussy." Sue - sounds like a fantastic idea!
Donna writes - "So what do you think to this? Could you spend a couple of hours exploring me?" More than a couple, love, more than a couple!
Thanks, as ever, to the ladies for sending in the pics and keep them coming!